Own server

With Seon online, you get your very own server, located in Germany. You don't share one existing OFTP2 installation (which is the case for all other OFTP2 service providers). This means other existing OFTP2 transmissions from other customers don't influence your own server, you are absolutely capsulated. Having an own server, it is possible that we hand it over to you if you grow bigger and want to run your OFTP2 system in-house. In this case, Seon online can be installed in your own IT infrastructural environment, having all elements of the underlying operating and OFTP2 system in your own hands.
Since you have your own server, we can hand it over to you as soon as you grow and want to run the system in-house. In this case you have Seon online completely in your own hands and have access to the complete operating and OFTP2 system.

Own certificate, own SSID

OFTP2 means security, based on certificates. Your Seon online installation has its own OFTP2 certificate, no need to share the identity with other companies. You have your own station ID (SSID), which identifies your installation, so there is no irritation with multiple SSIDs for different communication partners. Most alternative offerings on the market are based on the same SSID (in- and outbound communication), which implies that these installations lack of diversity of each customer. Seon online is better: you have your own OFTP2 instance, your own server. Some communication partners insist of using a unique SSID for their OFTP2 communication partner, so with Seon online, you are well prepared for this situation.
Some communication partners require that the SSID is unique, multiple occurrences are not supported. With Seon online you are well prepared for this situation!

Static IP address, always online

Seon online includes a static IP address exclusively for you! All OFTP2 communication partners using a firewall insist on using a static IP address, so a dynamic IP address (as used by nearly all modern high-speed internet providers using a forced disconnect every 24 hours) is insufficient. Seon online keeps you online 24x7, with the same static IP address. This IP address is unique to your installation, you don't share the same IP address of other customers, as competitors do. Seon online runs in the background, transferring files and information. You don't need to be online and supervise transmissions. The reliable and always-online system keeps track of all transmissions everytime. In addition to the static IP address you get a free subdomain entry with the naming schema "myCompany.seon.de".

Security & encryption

OFTP2 itself is the most advanced and leading secure transmission protocol for the industry. Nevertheless Seon online is secure as you may expect it: encrypted OFTP2 transmission, encrypted filesystem for both server instance, database and data files, encrypted end-user sessions, encrypted backups, encrypted internal network connections.

Speed & availability

Seon online is available 24x7 with a bandwidth of 1Gbit per second symmetric (up- and downlink are rated at the same speed), so you can transfer files with high speed (if your partner can support it). We monitor all relevant server attributes with a system management system in order to be informed for eventually upcoming problem situations.
We monitor all server properties with a system management system in order to be alerted to any problem situations as early as possible.


Seon online is backed-up in various ways in order to provide highest level of availability. Seon online exports its database once every hour, so you can reset to a point of time very easily. Transmitted files are backed up in encrypted state every 6 hours (say: four times a day), on-site and off-site. Seon online hardware uses redundant power supplies and redundant network paths to increase availability enormously. For any case, a second server farm exists for any case of physical lockdown (such as a fire, an earthquake or other unforseen events).
The Seon online hardware has redundant power supply and network paths to ensure availability. In case of an emergency, a second server farm is available to cover physical failures (such as fire, earthquake and other non-foreseen events).

Bring your own service

Seon online offers the ability to plug-in services from your IT infrastructure environment - such as fileserver (CIFS, NFS and other protocols supported out-of-the-box), ISDN connectivity (via RemoteCAPI), authentification server (i.e. Microsoft Windows Active Directory) etc. - into Seon online. This way you can influence the security level by just connecting the service network directly to your Seon online via most secure VPN connections.

Reasonably priced

Seon online is very cost-effective. You don't have to pay money for an operating system environment, database fees or other basis costs. Seon online costs are not calculated on transmitted data volume or amount of transfer jobs per month. The amount of communication partners is unlimited, also the amount of users using the system.

Cancelable monthly

We don't want to boss you around, so you are free to cancel your contract every month. We don't insist on long-term plans if you don't want to. If your project only runs for a limited time, Seon online runs along with you without the need to be paid longer than needed. Heard of 12-month contracts (or even longer)? Not with Seon online: we work dynamically, same as you do.


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