Seon online's price model is based on a monthly fee, for which you obtain your service. Included in this monthly fee is:

  • System maintenance (including free updates of the underlying software products and operating system).
  • OFTP2 certificate.
  • Automated system management.
  • Unlimited access to your system via web interface.
  • Unlimited access to our provided encrypted storage system.
  • Unlimited amount of transfered data.

(All shown prices are excluding german VAT)

Seon online Seon online Premium
One-time setup fee 80.- € 0.- €
Monthly fee 60.- € per month 220.- € per month
VPN access not included included
(OFTP) partner setup*1 (one-time) 100,- € 80,-€
Free partner setups included per year 1 25
Partner management (change, movement, deletion or adding of location, department or recipient) 10€ per object 1€ per object
Amount of transferred files unlimited unlimited
Maximum size of transferred volume unlimited*2 unlimited*2
Artificial bandwidth limitation none none
Adoption to your local CAD or EDI system and processes*3 120,- € per development hour 95,- € per development hour

*1: One OFTP partner company, max. 5 locations, max. 10 departments, max. 20 persons; ENGPARTv3 / ENGPARTv4 import of external communication partner supported without this limitation.
*2: Fair flatrate of offered disk space (more than 2TB). Early enough, before capacity is exceeded, the top customers will be contacted for archiving reasons.
*3: Depending on your local IT infrastucture, CAD environment capabilities etc.

ISDN connection costs

Seon online offers an option to include a ISDN line. The monthly basis fee for the exclusively for you provided ISDN number is (independent of Seon online or Seon online Premium) 5,- €. All incoming costs are covered by the monthly fee. Outgoing connections include a flatrate to all german landline flatrate, in addition a flatrate to all major european countries exists. A list of ISDN connection costs is available for download as PDF here, covering all prices in detail.