For virtualized environments, Seon comes pre-installed on a virtual machine, ready to run. It's free!

In order to start with OFTP2 very fast, the free-to-download Seon installation on a virtualized machine offers everything you need. Setting up Seon has never been easier. With support for various virtualization solutions (such as VMWare's Player, ESX(i) server, vSphere, or non-VMWare-products like Parallels Desktop) you can integrate or verify Seon in your environment without hardware investments.

Target audience

Seonvirtual is a ready-to-run solution for anybody, including:

  • Customers who need an OFTP2 solution instantly.
  • Testers who want to verify if Seon works in their environment.
  • System administrators who want to extend the value of their existing virtualized environment.
  • Customers who don't to fulfill all system requirements in a separate installation.

Main features

This virtualized appliance contains the following features:

  • Standard Debian 8 64bit with latest updates.
  • All system requirements fulfilled for Seon.
  • Latest installation of Seon, ready to start.
  • Webmin: web-based system administration (i.e. for mounting filesystems, setting up networking, manage users and authentification etc.).
  • Ready to connect to ISDN network via RemoteCAPI devices.