Seon Enterprise

Unlimited enterprise job-based ENGDAT OFTP2 data exchange.

Seon Enterprise brings you all you need for data exchange with automated processes. It offers a clean end-user web interface "Seon WebAccess", ENGDAT support which describes the content of the data packages, ENGPART support for the exchange of hierarchical organization data, plugin support to automate steps for data management (such as compression format support like ZIP, TAR and gzip), a PDF creation plugin with optional e-mail transfer and much more.

Target audience

Seon Enterprise is intended for all users who need to support an unlimited complexicity of process chains, supporting all up-to-date requirements for today's data exchange situations out-of-the-box. Plugins for (de-)compression (like ZIP, TAR, gzip etc.), conversion (i.e. character sets), mail notifications, PDF creation and many more help customers to implement their solutions for an easy data exchange. Adding plugins is allowed, too, so customers may implement their own solutions on their own.

Main features

  • All features of Seon Core.
  • Automatic summarizing of multiple files to a single Seon job.
  • Plugin execution (freely configurable).
  • Four-level partner hierarchy (company, location, department and recipient).
  • ENGDAT and ENGPART support.
  • Plugins for automated file movement and/or copying (i.e. on receipt,Seon  moves all files of a job to a defined recipient's directory).
  • Automated solution for send job creation (either via Directory Scanner or with command line tools).
  • Multi-client support: Send and receive data "in the name of" some other identity and/or limit the possible recipient of jobs optionally at every hierarchy level. This is the optimal solution for external access to your system!
  • Plugins, like:
    • E-mail notification of both sender and/or recipient of jobs.
    • PDF data transmission sheet, with customizable layout and content.
    • ZIP (de-)compression.
    • gzip (de-)compression.
    • bzip2 (de-)compression.
    • TAR archive creation and extraction.
    • Passive file enqueueing (let the partner fetch it; minimize transfer costs).
  • No plugin limits, which means you are free to add more plugins, develop or let them develop.

With Seon WebAccess as an optional desktop-like HTML5 end-user web interface, this feature adds the following functionality:

  • Support for centralized authentification of users via PAM ("Pluggable Authentification Module"), i.e. for Microsoft Windows Active Directory authentification.
  • Create, fetch and search for any job.
  • Support for files bigger than 2GB.
  • Connect local systems (like CatiaV5 or NX integration, export data automatically, etc.)
  • Display status of every sent file, incl. progress information.
  • Internationalization of Seon WebAccess (english and german), other languages are possible.
  • Optionally: let users view the status of the Seon Cores send and/or receive queue.
  • "Fire-and-forget"-functionality: create a Seon send job, send it while it has not finished yet.
  • And many more ...