Seon Core

The reliable base for your OFTP2 transfer.

Seon Core is the main component for OFTP and OFTP2 based file and information transfer, certified by Odette. Every single file or information which needs to be transfered via OFTP to a remote site, i.e. initialized via an EDM system (such as Seon Enterprise, DDX or others; even own solutions are adoptable), is being transfered reliably with Seon Core.

A wide variety of configuration options and an open scripting interface offers you rich functionalities for every situation.

Seon Core also includes a free OFTP2 certificate: no need to buy a valid and fully accepted OFTP2 certificate from other CAs.



Target audience

Seon Core is intended for all customers who want a secure and stable basis for their OFTP2 and OFTP transfers. Due to its nature, Seon Core is best used for:

  • Simple file transfers, based on per-file basis.
  • Users who want to integrate OFTP2 in their own solutions.
  • Data communication centers for automated processes.
  • Users with an existing data management solution with the capability to initiate automated file transfers.

Main features

  • Support of the Odette file transfer protocol (OFTP) version 1.0-1.4 and OFTP2 ("OFTP over the internet").
  • Transfer media: ISDN (X.25 with CAPI2.0 devices within Linux or RemoteCAPI devices such as Funkwerk Bricks), TCP/IP (i.e. direct connect, VPN, PPP, ENX, JNX etc.) and TLS encrypted TCP/IP for secure file transfer over the internet.
  • Automatic restart of aborted file transfers.
  • Fetch files from a remote partner (even cyclic).
  • Send and receive files in same sessions.
  • Support of all OFTP2 features (file encryption & signing, secure authentification, signed EERPs, file compression, automated TSL support, automatic certificate exchange).
  • Web interface for platform independent configuration and administration.
  • Directory scanner for handling files dynamically.
  • Configurable scripting interface for automated processing of every situation.
  • Completely runnable in unattended mode.
  • Open configuration possibilities like unlimited SSID setup.
  • Command line tools for easy maintenance.
  • Multi-client awareness.
  • Integrated certificate handling (trusted certificates, CRLs, certificate requests). Support for multiple certificate situations.
  • Easy certificate chain verification.
  • Free OFTP2 certificate when ordering software support.
  • And many more ...

Need more functionality? Take a look at Seon Enterprise!