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Why Seon online?

Seon online offers a wide range of functionalities, offering an environment for fulfilled OFTP based industry standards:

  • It simply works: As you expect, Seon online offers the functionality of transferring files via OFTP and OFTP2 from and to communication partners. Seon online supports OFTP1.x and OFTP2 over all major networks, offering ENGDAT based communication. At your will, Seon online transforms your data according to the partner's requirements.
  • Reliable: Seon online runs permanently, so you don't need to keep your computer online all the time.
  • Fast installation: After ordering, you get access to your Seon online instance within two business days (under normal circumstances much faster).
  • Maintained: You don't have to bother around with system or software updates: we do this for you. No need to be an expert of any operating system, database web server etc. Just use the simple web interface for your tasks.
  • Certified: Seon online uses our own OFTP2 system which is certified by Odette. Since we own and enhance the system, you can be sure that we understand what OFTP does under the hood.

More details?

Seon online offers so many technologically details we are proud of, you can read about many of them in the "Features" section. Its functionality will impress you!