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    Worlds best OFTP2 server
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    Supporting your business
    the way you expect it.
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    Optimizing processes
    in a reliable way.
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    Saving IT and admin ressources
    offering great features.
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    Affordable and worth its price
    with a great ROI.
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Industry leading OFTP2 solution, with undisputed performance, outstanding stability and functionality, extremely fast tech support for an affordable price to the masses.

Why OFTP2?

OFTP2 as an industry standard for secure data transmission offers a lot of features other transmission protocols don't provide. Security and data awareness are the main concepts behind OFTP2. Read about the benefits of OFTP2 and why you should implement it in your company.


Why Seon online?

Our premium OFTP2 product Seon online offers a rich set of unique features. Depending on your needs, Seon online is highly configurable and customizable. Benefit from our superior technology, based on finest programming and design skills, organized in an extremely agile company offering the support you need. Find out why Seon online is the perfect solution for you!